Part 2: How to make a Lace Bra – A quick step by step guide…

Continuing on from yesterday’s post Part 1: How to make a Lace Bra

This post will cover:

  • Sewing underwire casing to bra cups
  • Attaching elastic to the armhole
  • Attaching the hook and eye bra fastener
  • Making and attaching your straps
  • Inserting the underwire and sewing that casing closed
  • Adding a final embellishment

Step 5: Sew underwire casing to bra cups

Step 6: Attach armhole elastic to the sides and to top of back wing

Step 7: Attach hook and eyes to wings

Step 8: Make and attach adjustable straps


Step 9: Insert underwire and sew underwire casing closed

Make sure that you are inserting the right part of the underwire into your casing and insert it into the casing and not underneath it!


Insert your underwires into the underwire casing and stitch the casing closed with a bar tack or satin stitch.

Step 9: Attach embellishment


And for that finishing touch, add a little bow to the centre front or to the beginning of your straps…



 And you’re done!

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Part 1: How to make a Lace Bra – A quick step by step guide…

Want to know how to make a beautiful lace bra? Here’s a brief guide on how to make one.

This post will cover:

  • Making up your bra cups
  • Attaching your cups to your bridge
  • Sewing the wings to the frame
  • Attaching underband elastic

Please note this set of instructions is for a bra with cradle. Don’t know what that is? Well, it looks like the image below. The bridge extends underneath the cups and quite literally ‘frames’ the cups.


Before you start:

Cut out all your fabric pieces as accurately as you can – I’m using the pink bra kit available here.

To give the lace stability, I recommend lining it with a rigid sheer nylon. This is a lightweight, soft to the skin nylon mesh that has little stretch.

Trace or cut out your bra pattern piece – I recommend tracing your pattern onto card as it greatly improves your accuracy when cutting out your fabric. I used lead weights to hold my pattern pieces down, alternatively you can pin it.


 Step 1: Make the bra cups

This method of constructing the lace cups is slightly different to some bra sewing patterns out there i.e. it does not have a lace edge. Why does that matter? A lot of bra patterns have an upper cup piece designed to use fabric with a lace edge and therefore do not have any seam allowance included on the top part of the upper cup piece. Therefore, you may need to modify your bra sewing pattern slightly to allow for this. i.e. you will need to add a little bit of extra seam allowance to the top edge of your bra cup. It’s a very simple modification. If you don’t your bridge and cup will not fit. After any modifications, it is always a good idea to double-check your pattern by ‘walking the seam’ or measuring pattern pieces at the seam line to ensure a perfect fit.

 Step 2: Attach cups to bridge


Step 3: Sew main part of the bra to the bra wings

Step 4: Attach underband elastic to bridge and wings

Tomorrow: Part 2 of how to make a lace bra