Part 2: How to make a Lace Bra – A quick step by step guide…

Continuing on from yesterday’s post Part 1: How to make a Lace Bra

This post will cover:

  • Sewing underwire casing to bra cups
  • Attaching elastic to the armhole
  • Attaching the hook and eye bra fastener
  • Making and attaching your straps
  • Inserting the underwire and sewing that casing closed
  • Adding a final embellishment

Step 5: Sew underwire casing to bra cups

Step 6: Attach armhole elastic to the sides and to top of back wing

Step 7: Attach hook and eyes to wings

Step 8: Make and attach adjustable straps


Step 9: Insert underwire and sew underwire casing closed

Make sure that you are inserting the right part of the underwire into your casing and insert it into the casing and not underneath it!


Insert your underwires into the underwire casing and stitch the casing closed with a bar tack or satin stitch.

Step 9: Attach embellishment


And for that finishing touch, add a little bow to the centre front or to the beginning of your straps…



 And you’re done!

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